„Gruppe Sitzender“

gruppe-sitzender-1sitting group #1

The series consists of three oil paintings as the final works at the moment. I developed a method that reflects on the technology of video compression and the occurring phenomenon called „generation loss“. The original image, a photograph, is going through several steps of abstraction that are achieved by transferring it from one medium to another: Copying the photograph as an aquarell, copying the aquarell as a drawing etc., while always focusing only on the current version. Details are lost, replaced, reconstructed and taken apart. Finally, the painting is made from the very last copy. An analogue process of image degredation, which paradoxically results in a gain of abstract details.

The title „when my children tell jokes“ is derived from a quote by Kenneth Derus about the compositions of Kaikhosru Sorabji. It is also the title of my diploma,  October 2016:

„Sorabji‘s music serves as a basis of interesting memories, the way clouds serve as a basis for the faces we see in them; but the music gets the bulk of the credit for this, not Sorabji. Sorabji gets as much credit as I get when my children tell jokes that make people laugh.“


Der rauchende Newsfeed

ENG „The fuming newsfeed“ was a solo exhibition, consisting of works created almost entirely from newspaper cut-outs. Inspired by ephemeral pieces of information, printed amateur photos from famous peoples‘ instagram and twitter acounts and other amateur photo sources, the re-arranged pieces create pictures of masses, deconstructed space and grotesque bodies.

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Linz, Mengerstraße 23, März 2016.