preview (work in progress) „Portrait Prisma“

Portrait (Prisma)
lacquer, oil on canvas
ca. 40×50 cm

„tempo tempo“ @beardedbirdstudios

14.6.2019, 19:00, Vienna

Wolfgang-Schmälzl-Gasse 18-20

Eva Eichinger, Dimitrios Mavroudis and me have studied at the Kunstuniversität Linz. For this rather spontaneous exhibition, we have agreed to show works with a strong emphasis on the subject of the body. The Bearded Birds studios are located in a former brothel, which gives the exhibition an interesting twist.

PS: I was responsible for the flyer and am very displeased with the result at this point. But hopefully, the poor, haphazard design will draw attention, as an ugly duckling in that sense.

open daily during business of the Bearded Bird studio until around late June.

„Budapest, eventually“

group show with Jan Heinonen at the Massolit café, Budapest.
Nagy Diofa utca 30., Budapest 1072, Hungary

In 2017, I was participating in the artist in residency program between Land Salzburg and Budapest Galeria. There I met the finish photographer Jan Heinonen. One year later, we are back to show works that were inspired by our stay.

One of the works on display:

„walk 2“, charcoal on A5 paper, march 2018

Der rauchende Newsfeed

ENG „The fuming newsfeed“ was a solo exhibition, consisting of works created almost entirely from newspaper cut-outs. Inspired by ephemeral pieces of information, printed amateur photos from famous peoples‘ instagram and twitter acounts and other amateur photo sources, the re-arranged pieces create pictures of masses, deconstructed space and grotesque bodies.

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Linz, Mengerstraße 23, März 2016.