welcome to survival town

In March 2010 I explored photographs and video footage of nuclear bombing tests conducted on the testing sites in Nevada by the U.S. government.
It is mostly the nature of the images that struck me about this documentation of the so-called „Survival Town“. Manekins were mounted on poles to act as dummys for the impact of the heat radiation and the shock wave, pigs and sheep were put in fences and holes in the ground and houses were built and neatly decorated to show the impact of the bomb blast near to the epicenter. I started to look at the images as they are – a strange, almost theatrical staging of a ghost town inhabited by manekins.



painted from three merged screenshots of film footage. oil on canvas, 170x100cm, 2010
„forrest“, oil on canvas 170x100cm




40x30cm, cut from black board
the house with the car




oil on wood, ca. 15x15cm, 2010
manekin portrait




oil on wood, 15x20cm, 2010
manekin on pole




silkscreen print on molinol, ca. 25x20cm, 2010
bound manekin




silkscreen print on molinol, ca. 25x20cm, 2010
toppled manekin




silkscreen print on molinol, ca. 30x30cm, 2010
manekin with tie




toppled manekin (II)
toppled manekin (II)








miniDV tape, black and white, no sound, 20sec loop. 2010
videostill from „schneekugel“




miniture (destroyed), as part of installation, various media. 2010
model of „shockwave hits house“




guache and oil on canvas, ca. 50x45cm, 2010
nuclear sunset




guache on brown wraper, ca. 110x70cm, 2010
manekins placed on bed

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